Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome to the Rhinestone Highway

In the next year, I will be taking a trip into Small Town America, visiting truly unique festivals and attending local beauty pageants and spotlighting these beloved parts of regional life--from rowdy celebrations of meats to vegetable fests and fairs championing local industry. In each locale, I'll introduce you to one of the girls wearing (or vying to wear) the crown--from Miss Rhododendron to Miss Zwolle Tamale and beyond. I"ll share pictures and stories that show you how important a sense of place is making your corner of the country feel like home.

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Denise said...

omg, this is SUCH a cool idea!! we have lots of strange little things here in NM (tho usually in early fall) so if you ever come this way (i hope i haven't already missed you!), be sure to let me know!