Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Once and future Queen of Queens?

The new Frog Queen at left, a 20 year-old named Chelsea who was so shy as a child that she wouldn't speak to her own Aunts, has represented her town before, as Frog Derby queen and Miss Rayne (a title that includes a job with the mayor), but on the night of this pageant she was sure she had lost this title, the one she wanted most. As Frog Queen, she will represent the town at festivals statewide (including Rice, Cattle, and Fur, to name a few), and preside over events year-round in Rayne, where she was born and raised. She'll go to Washington DC with a Louisiana Mardi Gras delegation and then attend the Queen of Queens convention, where 84 festival titleholders have a queen-off that will extend one girl's travel and excitement by another year. At right, Brandi--the naturally outgoing and down-to-earth Tamale Queen of the town of Zwolle--is the current (and very popular) Queen of Queens. Chelsea would love to fill her shoes, but she's up against history: no Frog Queen has ever won. Will this be the year? I'll be following her over the next few months to find out.

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