Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where the Frog Royalty Reign Supreme

In Rayne, there are frog titles literally "from zero to the grave," in the words of Cultural Director Cheryl McCarty (a human dynamo of volunteerism). Most of the titles are sponsored by civic organizations, who then raise money for their local programs from the related entry fees, pageant ticket sales, and the sale of what I call frogabilia. The Jaycees sponsor Mr. & Miss Tadpole (kids under 6) and Deb Frog Queen (for tweens). Early teens vie for Junior Frog Queen and girls under 17 aim for Teen Frog Queen, sponsored by a local civic sorority that also sponsors the Miss Frog Queen, the title with the most cache. The Lyons sponsor the frog-dressing Frog Derby Queen and the Frog Jockey Queen. At the top of the age spectrum, the senior citizen Golden Frogs include both a King and a Queen. The only title sponsored by a private business is Ms. Queen, but that representative also does good work; the new Ms. Frog, Summer Parker (a former Queen of Queens) has immersed herself in Rayne activities and charities since her win.

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