Monday, October 27, 2008

Try this on for size

The official regalia often outpaces the wearer. Frog Queen Chelsea, at 5’1 and under 100 lbs, is faced with the task of walking in an enormous mantle followed by a ten-foot-long train that has a heavy velvet layer on top. Her first attempt to walk in the outfit (at the Rice Ball) involved the train getting wrapped around the honor guard, but this time, at Yambilee, everything went smoothly. Queen Kristen of Cattle was not so lucky—her train snagged onstage as she exited and the stagehand equivalent of a lady-in-waiting had to free her. The process is made harder because festival norm is to wear clear shoes with enormous heels (which, as one queen noted, are easiest to find in a place catering to slightly different clientele).

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