Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's not just the Miss queens making a difference

Elizabeth Landry (top photo, left), Susan Dore (right), and Tatum Dore (center) show the role that festival queens of all ages play in their community. Elizabeth is the Woman Okra Festival Queen and the Woman Honeybee Festival Queen, while Susan is the Mrs. Okra Festival Queen, and little Tatum is the Tiny Miss Cracklin Festival, T’Nincy Courir de Mardi Gras, Toddler Duck Festival Queen, and Baby Ray*la*ne XI; together, they brought Christmas presents to all of the children at the Ronald McDonald House. Elizabeth and Susan also teamed up to raise funds for the family of Austin Bryant (pictured below), a four year-old with cancer who is undergoing chemotherapy while awaiting a liver transplant. They raised over $2000, in addition to collecting food for the family and baby clothing for Austin's baby brother Dallas, born last week.

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Thank you, I agree. WE MS. Queens work really hard at our titles, jobs and families. I am a big supporter of breast cancer awareness and making a difference in children's lives. How fortunate we "older" women are, to give back even though we raise families, hold down full time jobs and travel travel travel on the weekends. OUR Miss Queens are a shining example of the best Louisiana has to offer. WE older Queens enhance and help them throughout their journeys....
Lady Ray*la*ne VI