Monday, February 9, 2009

Miss Washington Catfish at Queen of Queens

Former Queen Ray*La*Ne and 2008 Miss Washington Catfish,
Heather Elise Hickey shows the span of activities included in Queen of Queens:
from the casual 1950’s drive-in party (which she is dressed for in the photo
with her catfish door decoration), to her turn as Cruella DeVille at the Hollywood
costume event on Friday, and then on to Saturday, which involved preparations for
the big night and the chance to make a dazzling entrance in red. Though she’s sad to be
giving up her current title in a couple of weeks, she already has been chosen to re-join
the Rhinestone Sisterhood: in May, she becomes Steamboat Queen, her third opportunity
in as many years to serve Louisiana’s festivals. (Photos courtesy of Heather Elise Hickey)

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